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“What can you do or not do during this time that will make you look back and be grateful for it”
– Lindsey Ross, Owner, Lindsey Ross Fine Art

The Business

Lindsey Ross is a “Non-Traditional Traditional Artist.” Born and raised in Prince Edward Island, Lindsey Ross is a self-taught artist specializing in pen and ink drawings. Lindsey enjoys the process of methodically creating patterns in freehand artwork. She often makes mistakes but finds the pleasure in turning them into part of the bigger picture. Lindsey lives on the Eastern tip of Prince Edward Island, where she continues to create her works. Lindsey Ross Fine Art was officially launched in 2019 and her products include original drawings, illustrations, prints, vinyl stickers and cards.

The Challenges

  • 90% of wholesale orders were either cancelled or postponed. Some of the businesses Lindsey sells to may not be open this year, or ever again.
  • With almost limitless products that can be created to be sold online, and with so many possibilities, it can be overwhelming and leave one feeling quite scattered. 
  • Sadly, many relationships are changing.

The Response

  • Lindsey pivoted her in-person business to include an online shop. The web sales are going well and are keeping her business alive during this time.
  • Lindsey took the opportunity to review what she had been outsourcing and is learning to do as much of this work as she can, decreasing costs as she learns new skills such as QuickBooks, Photoshop, and SEO (search engine optimization). 
  • She started blogging and used that as an opportunity to reflect on what inspired her to create many of her pieces and where she was when she drew them. The reflective process is enjoyable and the feedback from clients and readers has been positive.
  • Lindsey hosted online drawing tutorials to provide something for people to do when they (or their kids) were bored at home. This project is less of a priority now, but it serves the community and introduces a new audience to Lindsey’s art style.

The Advice – What We Learned

  • She encourages people to ask, “What can you do, or not do, during this time that will make you look back and be grateful for it?”  
  • When you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of things to do or the opportunities you have, block off a few hours, and give each element an hour of your time. If something gets a lot of traction or sticks with you then that tells you it may need more of your time. This can help you get organized and determine next steps.
  • Ask yourself a series of questions: “What should I be doing right now?” “Where can I trim expenses?” “What skills can I be learning right now?” “Am I spending money that I don’t need to be spending?” Allow the answers to guide you as you determine what you can and need to do next.
Lindsey Ross Fine Art
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