Lessons from Canadian Businesses | gfit Wellness

“This isn’t going to end us . . . we will be stronger than when we started.”
-Grant Reid, Founder & CEO

The Business

gfit is a Winnipeg-based online coaching company that specializes in one-on-one training, nutrition, and corporate wellness solutions. Their holistic approach to health focuses on developing the body, mind and spirit and has helped transform the lives of over 5000 people across North America.

The Challenges

  • Sales were impacted due to clients’ losses of jobs/income.
  • gfit anticipated their clients’ everyday fitness routines would be disrupted; many did not have access to physical and mental health supports through their employers. 
  • Initially there was some concern regarding the future of the company; there was a risk fears felt by their employees could be projected on their clients.

The Response

  • gfit looked into government grants and supports for the company to maintain operations and explored changes to help get through this time.
  • They focused on leadership and morale, reassuring their team they were doing everything they could to support their staff.  
  • gfit developed an Isolation Wellness Program and made it available for free through their website to ensure their clients would have access to these resources at home. 

The Advice – What We Learned

  • Build leadership and morale within your team:
    • Communicate with employees on a regular basis and foster a culture of positivity.
    • Ensure employees are part of the process.
  • Create a post-pandemic business strategy:
    • Adjust your financial business model; source government grants and financial aid to stay in operation. Survive.
    • Anticipate what the “new normal” will look like. Make adaptations and innovate now so you are ready when the “new normal” begins. Prepare.
  • Create exposure and investing in the future:
    • Build strong brand reputation with your clients and business by finding ways to support them and the community. Providing the free wellness program has allowed gfit to gain valuable media exposure and has been beneficial in creating brand differentiation in a competitive industry.
    • Use this time as an opportunity to take creative risks, utilize new platforms and reach new audiences.  


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