Keeping Employees Afloat in Choppy Waters

Evidence suggests that one of the most important things you can do to keep your employees (and yourself) well during critical times is to provide them access to an Employee Assistance Program.

As a business owner navigating these unprecedented and, frankly, frightening waters, it can feel nearly impossible to know how to both keep the business tethered while also getting life vests on all your employees.

You’re not superhuman, and neither are your employees, and you all need to be well to make this work. What can you do right now? Evidence suggests that one of the most important things you can do to keep your employees (and yourself) well in these exceptional circumstances is to provide them access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)—emergency access to professional counselling for your employees and their family members. Here’s how doing that will keep you all focused on the horizon.

What is an EAP and how will it help?

EAPs provide access to professional counselling and, depending on the provider, much, much more. They can support employees, business owners and family members with access to counselling as well as legal and financial guidance and navigation support or advice around child and elder care.

Employees and their families are being faced with layers of challenges during this pandemic. In addition to the trials we are used to tackling in ‘normal’ times, we’re now faced with new aggravating factors that are taxing our resilience reserves. These include navigating the stress of childcare (and education), financial worries, difficult partner relationships, worry over vulnerable family members or friends, fear of illness, isolation and anxiety, to name only a few.

As an employee, having access to support when you need it is incredibly empowering. Your staff will remember how you made this happen for them and their families during a time that was also extraordinarily challenging for you, and will know you care for them as a valued member of your work family. You’ll also find that your teams will be more productive and less anxious overall and—critically important in our current climate of uncertainty—your business will recover faster as a result.

You have poured your heart and soul into developing a team like no other. Now is the time to ensure that you’ve got an EAP in place to keep them thriving until the sea calms and you embark on your next adventure together.

Business Assistance Services: Support for Your Whole Business

If you’re a business owner with benefits through Chambers Plan, don’t forget about supports available to you through Arete’s Business Assistance Services (BAS). Simply call Arete at 1-877-412-7483 with your Firm and Certificate number to access confidential and professional guidance to help you navigate human resources, financial and legal situations, as well as critical incidents that may arise at your organization.

Through BAS, you also gain access to the Healthy Business Bookmark™, a carefully curated online library of business information and resources, including sample forms, how-to guides, podcasts and videos. This site is designed to help you manage your business and your employees while recovering from the unique challenges this pandemic has created. It ensures you have access to the resources you need to shore up your future success.

Check out the Healthy Business Bookmark today through the link on your my-benefits® portal.

Arete HR

Arete HR

Arete® HR is a Chambers Plan partner and leader in assistance programs for businesses and employees. They work to build resilience within people and the organizations that support them through programs that offer human resources, financial and legal supports for businesses and psychosocial counselling and other supports for employees.